Our Teams weigh in on our Mission

"When I come to work I see I am kindly reminded how wonderful life is just by the smile on his face.  Here he comes!  "Coffee Time"  - We Serve our Elders - Mr. Bob is a wonderful smart man, I have learn to care, to love and to listen to him. - We offer unconditional love - Drinking his coffee and sharing his stories about the time he served in the military you better listen to him otherwise he gets upset his expression: no, no, no.  He was a good cook; loves pasta, fried chicken, hot dogs... You better continue listening to Bob or you might get quizzed... Again, No, No, No... - We nurture personal growth - at the end of the coffee time, he wished me a good rest and a good night, he looks so happy with a big smile and, this is the way - We celebrate life - Love to share and hear residents stories trying to make the best out of their lives and this is the way - We make a difference. "

--Dora T. -- Parsons House Cypress