Is Anything Possible? YES!

In our industry folks talk a lot about acuity levels.  What does acuity level mean -- in normal terms? Acuity level means the amount of care a person needs; if they are very frail they need more care and attention.  It is also a word we use to look at programming.  What can a resident do or not do? We are constantly working with our teams to challenge that belief and ask in the following; what would happen if we didn't think in terms of being able to do or not do, if we didn't think in terms of acuity level? We tell our children they can do anything. Why should it be any different as we age?  For example: Residents at our Memory Care Community in Dallas are busy creating art pieces for an Art Show they will be hosting in September, residents at our community in Santa Barbara worked with the Mayor to redesign newspaper racks throughout the city, and residents at our community in Austin adopted at-risk youth and mentor them throughout the school year.  These are just a few examples of what is possible - not what is not possible. (We can call it life after BINGO!) I encourage you to look at your own life, as well as the senior you might care for and ask, what is possible?  These are big examples, what about smaller things? Could a resident with severe Parkinson's Disease allow a 7 year old to remove her old nail polish and reapply new nail polish, allowing both to feel a moment of success? YES! Could a resident knit over 100 hats for a NICU and donate them with some of her friends? YES! Could a resident who hasn't played the piano in years come to the lobby and entertain a new group of fans? YES! So... YES I do believe that anything is possible.  Come to any of our communities and see for yourself, what life without "acuity level" meansit's truly inspirational!