What is Home?

We recently hosted a workshop for our Resident Services Directors. We invited a speaker, Tam Cummings, a Dementia expert, to talk with our teams. We will be sharing more of her information with our families and invite you to come in and learn more.  In the meantime, I want to share one of the best nuggets from her visit. The question of "home" come to us a lot with our families. Mom or Dad will talk about wanting to go back home once they move into a community. Sometimes families try to take Mom or Dad back and they no longer recognize it. This is tricky for kids because they are trying to satisfy their needs. What Tam recommends what we are suggesting to all families is the following: Home is a satin pillow, the most comfortable pillow. It is this sheets: satin, cotton, colorful or not, a favorite chair a favorite piece of art. It is not the large things that our lives are made of. It is the smaller things that evoke a memory. Tha is what home is.