Assisted Living at Parsons Group Inc. in Santa Barbara, California

Assisted Living at Parsons Group Inc.

If you or your loved one needs a little extra help with the activities of daily living, turn to the caring staff at our Assisted Living communities. At Parsons Group Inc., our skilled and compassionate senior care experts work with you, your loved one, and their medical provider to craft a personalized care plan designed with their specific needs in mind. By offering your loved one the daily care and support they need and encouraging them to embrace independence to their highest level of personal ability, we strive to help each resident pursue a warmer and more enriching life. Assistance is always close by, and when it’s needed, it’s provided by our caregivers in the privacy of your loved one's own apartment.

Elevate Your Every Day

At our family-owned Parsons Group Inc. communities, we are all family, and our caring and professional team strives every day to help your loved one feel at home. Within our comfortable and cozy environment, your family member will find plenty of ways to get the most out their days. In addition to extra support with the activities of daily living, your loved one will enjoy all the benefits and amenities of our Independent Living communities, including three delicious and nutritious daily chef-prepared meals, fun group activities, and enriching social opportunities. Imagine the joy of creating new friendships and igniting forgotten passions. Our rich calendar makes it all possible.

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